About Us

Education is the greatest treasure that humanity possesses, since it develops the human person. It was this vision of education that Good Shepherd School in Bangalore has been striving hard to make St. Agnes’ vision a reality. Good Shepherd School, Museum Road, came into existence in the year 1854-55.

The aim of the institution is to impart an all round education based on Christian principles and values to the pupils who come to study here. Great care is taken to give sound moral training to the pupils through the religious and moral instruction classes which is part of the curriculum, Do well all that you do.

Good Shepherd School, Museum Road, came into existence in the year 1854 - 55. It is a recognized mprivate unaided institution run by the Sisters of Good shepherd convent, registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960. Classes are conducted in a spacious building situated on Museum Road, Bangalore, Karnataka State, India.

The medium of instruction is English and the school academic year is from June to April. There are three vacations in the year; the Summer vacation about 6 weeks, Dasara about 10 days and Christmas vacation about 2 weeks.

Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities are given due emphasis in the time table. Pupils are divided into four Houses:

  • ST. AGNES    - BLUE

in order to build up team work and healthy competition.

At Good Shepherd School, Museum Road, we educate all those who are entrusted to us not only in academics but also in human and spiritual values so that they learn to respect each other as children of one God in a pluralistic society like ours.

Mission  Mission
As Collaborators in The Integral Formation of The Students of The Good Shepherd Schools, Is to Bring About a Total Transformation in Themselves and In Society, Through Dedication, Commitment and Loving Service.
Mission  Vision
To empower every child of this school to develop resilience and confidence.
Mission  Goal
To foster a total and integrated development of each student in her/his uniqueness so that she/he becomes; Intellectually alert, emotionally balanced, morally sound, spiritually rooted, physically fit, justice oriented, personally committed to the poor and oppressed, culturally enriched, conscious of a call to build up the human community and concerned about and caring for ecological harmony, thus making our school transformative resource Center, aware of her/his hidden potentials for better academic performances.

Our Schools are primarily for the Catholics and thereafter for other communities, irrespective of religion, race, caste or language. They are therefore Minority Educational Institutions within the meaning of Art. 30 of the constitutions of India. We promote education according to Christian ideals. Hence emphasis is laid on the faith formation of our students.

Our goal is to foster the total development of each person in her / his uniqueness so that she / he becomes

  • Intellectually alert
  • Morally sound
  • Socially Committed
  • Physically healthy
  • Emotionally balanced
  • Spiritually oriented
  • Culturally enriched

School Song

  1. We seek a trail to follow
    A cause for which to stand
    We seek a valiant leader
    Who could our love command
  2. We seek a stirring challenge
    Some noble work to try
    To give our life fulfillment
    Our dreams to satisfy
  3. We find them in the shepherd
    The life, the truth, the way
    Beneath his crook we take our stand
    And follow him everyday
  4. St. Agnes is our patron
    Of love and purity
    Our motto guides us onward
    To work with dignity
Do well all that you do
To God and world be true
To strive to know life's purpose
To solve its mystery